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Complete Engine Build – Stroker/DeStroke

Complete engine build stroker and destroked setups

We will start off with our process of rebuilding a used engine for our standard build package. Regardless if we begin with a “known good” donor or jy pull out. Every engine is completely torn down to the bare block. We only stand behind engines when we know what went into them.

Typical Parts and Labor Include:

  • Completely disassemble your engine and inspect each component for wear or damage
  • Disassemble your cylinder heads and inspect them for wear or damage
  • Check valves, valve guides, and seats
  • Boil block, brush oil galleys, and tap head bolt and main cap holes
  • Paint the outside of the block with hi-temp paint
  • Check rod and crank sizing, boil & polish crankshaft
  • Install new cam bearings
  • Hone block with torque plate
  • Disassemble and inspect the oil pump
  • Assemble the complete engine, check all bearing clearances, and end play
  • Degree cam, check piston to valve clearance, verify top dead center and set pointer
  • Assemble cylinder heads, check spring pressure, set spring heights, and install new seals
  • Final inspection and assembly before test stand or installation in the vehicle

For a more thorough walkthrough, keep reading…


We start with the same blocks you would build on your own. It’s what we do to take these old dirty blocks that you see here to a beautiful custom-built apex-built engine. It takes many critical steps to become the proper foundation to be a custom build


  1.  Three-Step Cleaning Process-Baked, Blasted and Cleaned
  2.  Visually Inspected
  3.  Magnafluxed/Sonic Tested
  4.  Replace Dowel Pins
  5.  Align Bored (if required)/ Align Honed
  6.  Bored and Honed with a Torque Plate
  7.  Square Decked
  8.  Deburred/ Final Multi Prep Process(It takes over a full days of work for the final prepping process. Including tapping all bolt holes and cleaning all oil galleys)
  9.  Final Jet Wash/Cleaning/Wipe Down
  10. Ready for Assembly

Rotating assemblies

The rotating assembly is the heart and ultimate determining factor in what hp level the engine can support. It consists of the crankshaft, piston, and connecting rods. Apex takes its name to heart here, and we never install new parts “out of the box.” Every “pre-balanced” part is double-checked for accuracy, quality, and fitment, and rebalanced by our machinist. This means every rotating assembly we touch is balanced regardless of brand or its history of “being balanced previously.” We just can’t take the word of a supplier or another shop when it’s our name on the line. Simply put, we want to stand behind our work. Weighing the pin, rods, and pistons is all done again to ensure it’s a finished product we can stand behind.

Cylinder Heads

Whether we are tasked to rebuild an old used head ground up or aftermarket heads, Apex Performance has access to many heads from today’s top manufacturers such as Edelbrock, Frankenstein, tsp, and more. We only sell heads from names we trust that build high-quality heads designed specifically for your application. Not only provide these heads out of the box but can customize them for your specific application.

Much like rotating assemblies, we do not leave anything to chance. All of our custom cylinder heads go through an extensive multi-step process to ensure they are worthy of the “Apex” title associated with them.. We provide many services, such as hand or CNC porting, and valve jobs are done using quality valves, seats, and valve guides. This equipment is highly recommended in our street performance applications and required in our high-performance racing applications.

Our builds include high-quality, high-performance valves, springs, locks, and retainers explicitly selected for the camshaft in the engine. The head is then flow-tested using high-quality test machines. All parts used and work performed is documented, spec’d, and blueprinted per build for later reference.

Quality parts

All engines built thru Apex Performance are built with only the finest, high quality parts in the industry. We partner with companies such as but not limited to;

  • Brian Tooley Racing BTR
  • Texas Speed TSP
  • Comp Cams
  • ARP
  • Lunati
  • Callies
  • Clevite
  • Mmx
  • Manley
  • Wiseco
  • Molnar
  • Diamond
  • K1

This is a short list of the products we include in our quality engine builds.

We have many parts manufactured, by some of these companies and others, to our strict specifications, like our custom grind cams, custom piston setups, one-off built heads; whatever the customer and project demands of us, we strive to provide. Engines are only as good as each part that is contained in them. If one small part fails, many things can happen that you definitely do not want. The engine no longer runs, causing you to be stranded or, worse, cause you to lose the race…….. And your motor. Our name and reputation is on the line. We partner with only the best companies that produce some of the world’s best parts. This is not only your engine but our engines that we put in our everyday cars and race.


We can even go the extra mile for any of our customer builds that want to get their motor’s initial break-in process done by us to ensure the following.

  • Get the initial tune built so you know that once installed, it will fire right up
  • Check for leaks, verify proper oil pressure, check individual cylinder leakage and compression
  • Checking injector and electronics for proper function
  • Ensuring all moving parts are in spec and need no special attention
  • Cut the oil filter open and inspect

Our test stand is a fully independent standalone stand allowing us to run the engine through the start up process and the warm up process to properly break in the moving parts and perform a thorough inception after its run time. It’s this extra focus on details that set the bar for the Apex experience.

Let's Build Your High Performance Motor!

We help you plan, build and evaluate the results of our work.  Our Dyno is waiting to show you the results. 

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